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Plumas County Board of Supervisors calls an election to establish whether to form Beckwourth Fire Protection District. Registered voters within the proposed Beckwourth Peak FPD boundaries will be able to cast their vote on November 7, 2023.


Measure “E” asks: Should a new, unified fire protection district, Beckwourth Peak FPD, be formed to provide emergency medical, rescue, and fire response services in Eastern Plumas County? If approved, Measure “E” will allow Beckwourth Peak FPD to be established with designated boundaries to serve Eastern Plumas County.


Measure “F” asks: Should an annual special tax be collected to provide funding to financially support the new fire protection district? If approved, an annual special tax to be included on the property tax bill.


How much is the Special Tax?

Most single-family residential properties will see an estimated $110 Special Tax amount on their annual property tax bill, which is about $9 a month, to support a new fire protection district to provide for medical, emergency, and fire prevention and protection services.

Are you within the boundaries?

Click here to access an online map where you may enter your physical address to see if your property is within the BPFPD boundaries.

Who We Are

A Local Emergency Services Study Group (LESSG) was created in January 2020 to explore ways to strengthen and improve fire and emergency services throughout the region. LESSG is represented by The City of Portola, Beckwourth FPD, Gold Mountain CSD, and Sierra Valley FPD. The representing boards of the Group consensus was to collectively fund a feasibility study to determine solutions to best fulfill fire, rescue, and emergency medical services. The feasibility study confirmed substantial benefits by forming one new fire protection district (FPD) with coordinated divisions representing each existing stations to serve Eastern Plumas communities*.

*The new FPD does not include areas served by Eastern Plumas Rural FPD.

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